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Ask Scarlett

A wealth of worthless knowledge

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People ask me questions... all the time. I am known as a wealth of trivial knowledge and a wielder of formidable research skills. TEST ME.

Wanna who that band was with the song that went "NAHHHH NAH NAHHHHH"?
Who was that guy in that movie with the thing?
What is a slug?
The basic theories of Kierkegaard?
How do spiders mate?

My areas of expertise are sexuality, biology, science, philosophy, religion, the paranormal, household hints, geography, anthropology, mythology, music, pop culture, cult movies, and much more.

**I do NOT however, answer math problems. I suck at math.**

You can ask me a question, any question, and if there is an answer out there I will find it. I will also dispense advice and theory if asked.


1. No flaming
2. No trolling
3. No promos of any kind